Q. What is TrakMe about ?

 A. Its an easy to use App to track your children while they travel in the school bus or while they are in the classroom. Android as well as iOS Apps are available for the same

Q. How does it works ?

A. There are 3 tabs - Home, Map and Settings.  

Home: Here you can view the bus routes pertaining to your child that you want to track. The same can also be tracked stop wise. Further the attendance of the student can be tracked on this page along with messages from the school regarding important circulars and notices. 

Map: The bus route can be tracked on the map 

Settings: This tab is used for subscribing to the school bus route as well as updating the profile details 

Q. How to check if it's a real-time update ?

 A. You should check the time-stamp at top of the Map page. It indicates the last update-time of the bus that is being tracked.