Product and features

Attendance Automation


Multiple solutions are available for attendance:

  1. RFID based solution (6 cms to 2 feet readers) 
  2. RFID stick attached to the phone 
  3. NFC based solutions
  4. Manual attendance using just mobile App
  5. Ad-hoc attendance can be taken e.g. school-picnics

School Bus Tracking


GPS based school bus tracking has been made available:

  1. AIS140 compliant GPS device installed in bus
  2. OBD2 based GPS device
  3. Smart Phone as GPS device

School-bus tracking is available on real time basis on map with stop-wise notification and distance of bus from home stop

School-to-Parent Communication


The schools can send one way communication to individual students' parents, groups of parent or to all parents.

Schools can conduct polls and send documents to parents too

On App Payment


Parents can use the App to make online payments towards fees, special classes, etc.

Additional Features


  1. We provide history because we are confident that our service works. 
  2. In-house software development, hence faster customisation. 
  3. Live notification will be made available to the parents
  4. The reports are downloadable from website to the school admin

Library and Canteen Management


Both these features not just aid the school administration with efficiency and going paperless, but also assist parents in keeping track of their child's food and reading habbits.